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Useful Information for the HCV Patient
Questions to ask your doctor, Where and how to get low cost medication, Clinical trial info, etc.

Local and Online support groups
Meet other people who either have HCV or have a loved one with the disease.

Large list of HCV Doctors/Specialists
Doctors listed here have been recommended to me by HCV patients. You will find both gastroenterologists and hepatologists.

Hepatitis C is drastically underfunded!!! Follow this link to find out more about becoming a HCV Activist!

I recently reviewed a book (published 2002) that I believe will be helpful to newly diagnosed HCV patients. Click here to read an excerpt from that book which is titled "The First Year - Hepatitis C".

Symptoms of Hepatitis
These symptoms were put together by a fellow group of HCV sufferers.

HCV in Children.
There is information here specifically about children with HCV. You'll find info about a support group set up solely for parents of kids with infectious diseases, along with contact information on how to join.

Disability resources
Helpful information for those trying to file for disability due to HCV

Get some Hepper Gear!
Want a dragon pin or a HCV awareness ribbon? They're a great way to spread the word about HCV!

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